Friday, January 7, 2011

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State of apparent calm

His voice choked 'plan in the throat, a faint murmur, a reflux of bile, a taste of mud between your teeth yellow and sharp.
A mouse squeaked behind a barrel, but Jacob did not raise even a nostril, or an individual, highly sensitive whiskers moved to sniff the air.
The wooden boards of the hold began to melt with his shaggy hair, he felt the penetrating layer after layer between the skin and viscera.
He tried to escape that slow, inexorable sinking, he seemed to succeed, for a moment to hoist himself, looking around in the dark. It seemed, even, to be able to see someone .. there, just behind the ears stiffened. A
blue glimmer, a long ivory feather .. and that smile.
Yes, even the smile of Jacob acknowledged that mad Macabi.
understood then that was the end. Macabi had preceded him of many lives. Macabi was in the belly of one of those bloated, slimy sharks gills amber ..
Macabi. What a lot of fleas
nuisance and bully that was! A comedy. A nut tailed and claws that roamed the seven seas in search .. already, what he always said to look for? Ah, yes .. La Penna d'Oca of GabbianContrario ..
" GabbianStorto "
Ah, yes .. true .. Gulls Storto .. thanks ..
Jacob tried to remember the history of GabbianStorto, but could think of nothing except the name and its feathers. He shook his head, and slipped something over my nose itch facendoglielo so annoying.
could not understand what it was, could hardly see the top of his pink nose. He thought it would not be able to sneeze and he would stay forever with that tickle their nose, when I again felt a presence beside him.
" E 'then Cotesta your intention: to see your limbs rot in the darkness? Do you feel that your bones possan nobly serve the honor elsewhere? Ah, lest they do not, before I awakened and very follow me quickly. "
Jacob died. He sighed. Breathed.
" Even languishes there, miserable? "
Jacob dropped his head, closed his eyes and gasped.
" wake up and come with me, lazy! "

" And no ! No, no and yet again no! "Shouted Jacob rizzandonsi the three white paws. " You can not always ruin everything, even my death! Everything was perfect, I was full days to study each detail, every step, every reflection .. Even the squeak of mice, mold on the boards, the dust that settles on my grain, finisssimi tired, broken limbs! .. "
He paused for a moment to catch his breath and then let out a long moan that reverberated within the walls of the old mercantile rotten and smelly.
" Come, Jacob Quinquaglia, not lament the fate "
"Macabi, I swear .. that .. I'm glad to see you, old skin of an ox! "
The two rubbed noses, purring and rubbing happy to see you again.
" It is now time to go, my dear Jacob. Look at the horizon but still and smell the approaching storm. "
The two went up on Deck, Jacob turned around slowly, then stood motionless a moment to smell the salty air.
"It , Macabi, is a state of apparent calm .. "


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